CJOD-176 The affectionate sister-in-law

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Having a lustful sister-in-law like Kimjima is the wish of most men, but for his brother-in-law, it's the opposite, he just wants her to behave properly according to her position in the family. But life is not like a dream, the more gentle and dignified he seems, the more she continues to seduce him with her chubby body and seductive pajamas. There were even many times when she even had the audacity to rape his entire penis to the point that sex was like her daily meals. Gradually it became a habit, a habit that could not be given up, it made him penetrate deeply into the dark path of secret incestuous love affairs between two people.

CJOD-176 The affectionate sister-in-law
 Movie Code: CJOD-176 
 Actor: Mio Kimijima