The husband is weak and the wife goes to her old lover

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When your lover is "healthier" than your husband? Marrying a husband who is never interested in marital relations makes Momo Sakura feel increasingly sad, but she still tries to endure it and never complains to her husband. One day while working at the company, she met her ex-lover. He came to discuss business with her company. Since he was a customer, he offered to invite her to drink, so she accepted. Having a few drinks with her, her old love came to her even if she didn't invite her. After that conversation, she thought about him more often because of the old memories of making love together, he often took her to the top of the clouds. That night while on a business trip with her husband at the hotel, she deliberately lied to her husband that she was busy with work with a friend and then ran away to the hotel with the nyc guy, and from that day on, the two often cheated together. .

The husband is weak and the wife goes to her old lover
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 Actor: Momo Sakura