VOSS-074 Let me take care of you

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It's rare for someone like Mizuno to have a grandson who cares and is devoted to him. When he just heard that his aunt was sick, he quickly quit his job and quickly brought things to his house to take care of her. Surely the relationship between the two had been very close and full of affection before, so the grandson acted like that. He did all the chores around the house for his aunt, even taking off each shirt and underwear so he could easily clean her body. Not only that, he also took advantage of his aunt falling asleep due to fatigue to commit incestuous acts and have sex with the hope that he could help her recover quickly from her illness. What a kind grandchild.

VOSS-074 Let me take care of you
 Movie Code: VOSS-074 
 Actor: Asahi Mizuno